The Virtual Astronaut

uniphi space agency, a division of uniphi good, LLC, is proud to announce, The Virtual Astronaut™, an agency-wide initiative designed specifically to provide world class motivational keynotes and collaborations with Astronauts, all in a virtual setting.

In these uncertain times, a few things are for sure… Astronauts are incredible motivational speakers and appeal to a wide range of audiences, Astronauts and Space are prevalent and celebrated across all aspects of popular culture today, the traditional meeting and event landscape is changing daily (and will continue to do so), making inspirational, and motivational and memorable experiences needed more than ever.

The Virtual Astronaut™ initiative was developed in response to current events, and as a solution to the increase in postponed or canceled meetings, conventions or conferences that will now be held virtually. An expansion of business offerings at uniphi space agency, the mission is to encourage companies, groups and organizations not to overlook the importance and ability of an external speaker to help engage and motivate teams about internal messaging and directives, and to consider the benefits of booking an Astronaut. Booking an Astronaut as a speaker, as part of this innovative virtual conference and event model is not only something that is possible… it’s necessary. The Virtual Astronaut ™ program will provide customized solutions for clients, along with an experienced support team to navigate the process from beginning to end.

uniphi space agency, is honored to represent an incredible roster of Astronauts, who share inpirational “out of this world” experiences, related to lessons learned as an Astronaut from a personal point of view, and in their own voice, to deliver some of the world’s most compelling and motivating speaking engagements, panel discussions, Q&A’s, book projects, brand and media collaborations and beyond. Topics include things such as innovation, motivation, technology, the future of space exploration, perseverance, education, engineering, safety, adventure, risk, strategy, STEM/STEAM topics, “anything is possible”, lessons from space as related to here on Earth – and even the sky isn’t the limit… there are infinite possibilities for everyone to follow their dreams. Client requests for customized content and presentations are welcomed.

Please contact us for more information about your Astronaut booking. We look forward to collaborating with you, and together, creating a memorable experience for all. #WeBelieveInAstronauts


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