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Astronaut Pam Melroy

Astronaut, Military Pilot, Speaker

– United States Astronaut, Retired – Pilot of STS-92 and STS-112, Commander of STS-120, Logged 38 days 20 hours and 4 minutes hours in space
– One of only two women to command the Space Shuttle
– Performed three missions to assemble the International Space Station – from before the first crew to full science capability
– STS-120 flew to ISS during Expedition 16 – this was the first (and to date the only) time that 2 women Commanders (Melroy of STS-120 and Whitson of E16) were in orbit together
– Retired United States Air Force Test Pilot – part of the initial test team for the C-17 aircraft, with over 6000 flight hours in over 50 kinds of aircraft
– Senior executive leadership experience in both industry and government
– Currently leading advanced technology development for air and space

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Pam Melroy (Colonel, US Air Force, Retired) is a military test pilot and a former NASA Astronaut. She flew on three space shuttle missions: STS-92, STS-112 and STS-120.

After graduation from Wellesley College with degrees in Physics and Astronomy, Melroy attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned her Master’s Degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences. After finishing school she was commissioned as a USAF Officer, attended flight training and flew the KC-10 as copilot, aircraft commander and instructor pilot. Melroy is a veteran of Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. She is a USAF Test Pilot School graduate and has more than 6,000 flight hours in more than 50 aircraft.

Selected as an astronaut in 1994, Melroy flew her first flight aboard Discovery on STS-92 as the Pilot. This flight was responsible for the delivery and installation of the Z1 TRUSS and the Pressurized Mating Adapter -3 (PMA-3) to the International Space Station (ISS). This flight was essential for preparation of ISS for the arrival of the first crew to inhabit the station.

In addition to her spaceflights, Melroy held various other positions at NASA including Lead for the Crew Module of the Columbia Reconstruction Team, Deputy Project Manager for the Columbia crew survival investigation team, CAPCOM, and Branch Chief for the Orion Branch of the Astronaut Office.

After her time at NASA, Melroy worked as a Director/Deputy Program Manager at Lockheed Martin, then joined the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Senior Technical Advisor and Director of Field Operations and acting Deputy Associate Administrator for the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. After leaving the FAA, Melroy became the Deputy Director of the Tactical Technology Office at DARPA, and is currently the Director of Space Technology and Policy at Nova Systems.


Articles – When Pam Melroy Was Born, Women Astronauts Didn’t Exist. She Still Became One – NASA’s 2 Female Space Shuttle Commanders

Awards and Honors Include:

• NASA Distinguished Service Medal
• NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
• USAF Air Medal

Speaking Topics Include:

• Human Spaceflight – past, present, and future
• Building the International Space Station
• Leading high-performance teams in complex environments
• Life in Space
• Executive Leadership
• Teamwork
• The Future of Technology
• The Future of Human Spaceflight


• Wellesley College Board of Trustees
• Society of Experimental Test Pilots
• Association of Space Explorers
• The Ninety-Nines