Astronaut Greg Chamitoff, Ph.D.

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Astronaut Greg Chamitoff, Ph.D.

Astronaut, Speaker, Professor, Engineer, Consultant

– United States Astronaut, Retired – Flight Engineer & Science Officer, International Space Station Expeditions 17 and 18, Mission Specialist, Space Shuttle Missions STS-124 and STS-134; Logged 2 spacewalks and 198 days 18 hours and 2 minutes in Space.
– Flew on the penultimate space shuttle mission
– Filmed the first magic show in space along with Richard Garriott; Fiimed the first science-fiction move made in space “Apogee of Fear” with Yury Lonchakov, Mike Fincke and Richard Garriott
– Played Chess (Earth vs Space) with the US Chess Federation.
– Instrument Rated Pilot and SCUBA Divemaster
– Dr. Chamitoff is currently a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University and the University of Sydney, Australia.
– Publishing the first text book on Human Spaceflight Operations: Lessons Learned from 60 Years in Space, 2017.
– Created the Zero Robotics STEM competition with MIT. Middle and high school students program robots and work with astronauts on the Space Station during the final round of competition.

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Originally from Montreal, Canada, Greg Chamitoff served as a NASA Astronaut for 15 years, including Shuttle Missions STS-124,134 and Space Station long duration missions Expedition 17 and 18. He has lived and worked in Space for almost 200 days as a Flight Engineer, Science Officer, and Mission Specialist. His last mission was on the final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour, during which he performed two spacewalks, including the last one of the Shuttle era which also completed the assembly of the International Space Station.

Chamitoff earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly, M.S. in Aeronautics from Caltech, and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. He also holds a Minor and a Masters in Planetary (Space) Science. Prior to selection by the NASA Astronaut Program in 1998, Chamitoff worked at Four Phase Systems, Atari Computers, Northern Telecom, IBM and Draper Laboratory. As a Draper Fellow he worked on several NASA projects, including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Space Shuttle autopilot, and the attitude control system for Space Station Freedom. He was a visiting lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia, before joining Mission Operations at the Johnson Space Center, where he worked on attitude control and maneuver optimization for the International Space Station (ISS). He is an author of NASA’s first technology memo on resource utilization on Mars, and is currently publishing the first textbook on Human Spaceflight Operations. As an Astronaut, he has been Lead CAPCOM in Mission Control, and supported ongoing missions in numerous other roles. In 2002, Chamitoff was a crew member on the NEEMO-3 Mission (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations), living and working on the Aquarius undersea research habitat for 9 days.

Dr. Chamitoff is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Director of the AeroSpace Technology Research & Operations (ASTRO) Center at Texas A&M University.

Organizational Involvement Includes:

  • AIAA Associate Fellow and Texas A&M Student Chapter Advisor
  • Association of Space Explorers
  • Academy of Magical Arts
  • American Astronautical Society
  • National Space Society

Awards & Honors Includes:

  • NASA Exceptional Service Medal
  • NASA Spaceflight Medals (STS 124/134, ISS 17)
  • NASA Distinguished Service Medal
  • Russian Medal of Merit for Space Exploration
  • California Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Honored Alumnus Cal Poly
  • NASA Silver Snoopy Award
  • Tau Beta Pi Honor Society Fellowships
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
  • Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society
  • NASA Silver Snoopy
  • Various Academic Scholarships/Awards
  • Eagle Scout

Speaking Topics Include

  • Space Exploration
  • Spaceflight Operations
  • STEM Outreach
  • K-12 Student School Visits
  • Conference/Banquet Inspirational Talks
  • Motivational Talks – Corporate/Organizations
  • Boy Scout Life Lessons
  • Lessons for Success
  • Leadership
  • Mars Colonization
  • Astronomy
  • Career Development