uniphis philosophy is based on an ideal of selfless (u), universal (ni), philanthropy (phi), and the premise that if (even if for selfish reasons) each individual’s actions were based on an idea to help only others, the amount of goodwill and support that would inherently benefit each one of us would be far greater as a whole. once applied globally, through a network of like-minded collaborations, we believe good things will come together and ultimately create a peaceful, abundant world for all. all good is good


good things come together

president & ceo

annie balliro

vp & creative director

jessica west

michelle lucas

vp industry relations, uniphi space agency

dan lavery

director of artist relations

melissa duncan

social media manager

truman, luna bear & guinness

facility managers

beautiful day media

public relations

leopold management

artist management

nicole page

legal counsel

Higher Orbits
higher orbits

uniphi space agency